Epoxy Seamless Floors

Creative Flake flooring is a 2 part epoxy seamless flooring system with a range of stunning, colourful acrylic flakes incorporated into the finish.

Epoxy Seamless surfaces have tremendous advantages over conventional floor treatments. Cleaning and maintenance of these tough surfaces are incredibly easy allowing your floor to look amazing for many years to come. Epoxy floors are also resistant to most spills and chemicals.

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Creative Flake Flooring consists of a primer that acts as a binding ingredient between the the concrete and epoxy. Then, an epoxy base coat that adheres permanently to the prepared surface is applied. Whilst the base coat is still wet, an acrylic multi-coloured chip is broadcasted over the entire surface and left to dry. The surface is then lightly sanded, vacuumed and then two coats of clear 2 polyurethane is then applied to seal the acrylic chips and provide a gloss non-slip surface which will look amazing for years to come.


We are also able to tint the base coat in one of 30 stunning colours to produce various finishes. Creative Flake flooring is a modern alternative to tiles and in additon a non-slip additive can be applied in situations where required such as ramps and wet areas.

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